Business Broadband

Every business needs connectivity to the outside world, to commiunicate with customers, share data and much more. A stable connection is neccesary.

Auxilio IT can provide your business with a range of data services, to get you connected with your network.

Broadband built for business

Our broadband is backed by the UKs largest network, built for businesses. Get reliable, fast connectivity to keep everyone connected. We are able to offer SoGEA and FTTP, suitable for any small and medium business. With no data limits, and options of static IPs.

Local Support

What makes it better, is we are local. We get to know your business and will ensure you receive tailored support when things aren’t working. Reach out to us today, and discuss your requirements with us.

Full Fibre Broadband

Our fastest and most reliable connection suited for any size business. With direct fibre from the exchange to your building.

Fibre optic connections provide speeds up to 990Mbps (115Mbps upload) with very low latency. Great for businesses relaying on large files in the cloud, or video calling

Use our checker to find out if we can provide full fibre, or standard broadband!

Leased Lines / Direct Internet Access

For businesses needing that extra something; with speeds from 10mbps to 10Gbps with a leased lines that is dedicated to you only deliverying uncontended data to your business. Our leased lines come with SLAs, ensuring that your business remains operationally efficient as possible all the time.

Our lines come with optional features like multiple routes and circuits via diverse routing either with same provider or different providers for ultimate resiliency.

Standard Broadband

UKs most widely available service, where FTTP is not possible.

We can provide SoGEA (FTTC) services to pretty much any building in the UK, so if you can’t get FTTP – no sweat, we can get you connected to your network.

Offering speeds up to 76Mbps (19Mbps Upload).

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Why us?


We have over 5+ Years experience working in IT and we are always building our knowledge to ensure users get the right support.


We strive to provide the best service to our customers. Improving on processes all the time and ensure the right brain is working on the right job.

Online Help

Don’t let problems stop you, our customers get access to online guides and emergency help when it’s needed*.