Guest Wi-Fi for Venues

Reliable guest wi-i for your venue.

Do you want to provide your guests with a great Wi-Fi experience whilst they are at your venue?

We are building the right solution for you, where we will take care of everything. All you need is an internet connection – which we can provide too!

Register your interest now, to find out when we are ready to deploy. Or if you wish to find out more about becoming a trial venue.


So what’s this all about?

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Does your venue offer free or paid guest wi-fi access? But is becoming expensive to run or isn’t reliable.

Well, we are looking to make it easier and more affordable for smaller venues to offer the best Wi-Fi experience for it’s guests. Having a speedy, reliable connection is key to keeping guests in your venue and sharing their experience without interuption and keeping them with you for longer.

You can also make it work for you, by collecting guest information during login for marketing campaigns or to ask for a review at the end of their stay.

What’s better? It’s fully managed by us!
If you have an old wi-fi system, then replace it with our solution and don’t worry about anything. We will provide the hardware, install it, monitor it remotely and provide a hand when it’s needed.


Get guests connected within a simply sign-in page and no annoying long forms to fill in. Just an email!


We will provide a tailored sign-in page following your brand.

Marketing Tool

Use this as a tool for marketing by collecting information from guests.


Why not sell your space on your sign-in page to other businesses for advertising, increasing your revenue.

Industries that use Guest Wi-Fi

Pubs & Restaurants


Retail Shops

We are working out our prices, but here’s a preview!


What hardware will I expect?

Our guest Wi-Fi solution will include 1 small white box (Access Point). Though, if you have a large venue or need to cover outside areas, we can add more access points for a small additional monthly fee.

The first Access Point will need to be connected to your internet route via wire. Subsquent ones ideally need to be wired, but we can go wireless (providing there is a power source nearby).

Our expert engineer will visit your venue and advise on the best location to install your Access Point(s). They will install, wire up and configure your Access Point(s) and make sure everything is working before they leave.

Do I need Internet?

Of course!

You will need a stable connection, with at least 50Mbps download and 10Mbps upload.

You can either use your existing internet connection, transfer to us or even install a secondary line for Guest-WiFi only. If you transfer, or opt for a second line – we can provide even more support when things aren’t quite working.

Is there a minimum term?

Yes, there is a minium commitment of 24 months. This is due to costs and commitments we have made our end, to ensure a cost effective solution for you.

As we grow, we expect to be able to reduce this term to 12 months.

I already have an internet connection with you, or wish to transfer

That’s great, we glad to hear you are already a customer (or wish to become one!).

We will offer you a discount, whilst you are a broadband customer.

By being a broadband customer, we are able to fully manage everything and monitor your whole connectivity. Which will make things quicker to resolve when something doesn’t work.

When is it expected to be available?

We are doing our best to trial this service with a select number of venues.

Once we are happy everything works, and those venues are happy – and more importantly guests provide positive feedback. We will begin releasing this service to everyone interested.

Our goal is to have venues connected by December 2023.

How long will it take to install, from order?

Once this service is available, and you have ordered. Expect a lead time of 2-4 weeks.

Why so long? We have to order the hardware for your venue, configure it, test it. Then we will send someone out to check out your venue and install the equipment (though, this should be done within 1 day!).

Will the price change?

The current price is our best at this based on costs, but these are changing so our price may change too.

Though, we will not increase our prices during contract or after.

Is there any hidden fees I should know about?

Well, they aren’t hidden anymore!

Our monthly fee covers:

  • 1 Access Point (Hardware)
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Fully Managed
  • Standard Support (Working Hours)
  • Rate limit of up to 15Mbps per Guest
  • Installation (including up to 10 meters cabling)

This is usually stuiable for most small venues. However, there maybe some additional charges based on additional requirements – we will make you aware before hand if these will apply.

One-Off fees:

  • Additional Networking Equipment (Switch, Router etc)
  • Installation over 10 meters
  • Monthly Add-Ons
    • Critical Support (24/7)
    • Faster rates of up to 100Mbps per Guest

Why us?


We have over 5+ Years experience working in IT and we are always building our knowledge to ensure users get the right support.


We strive to provide the best service to our customers. Improving on processes all the time and ensure the right brain is working on the right job.

Online Help

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