Customer Story | Home Wi-Fi Improvement
Written by: Kyle Sayer
Published: 14 July 2023

Imagine living in a beautiful, long, single-storey bungalow surrounded by reflective surfaces, only to find that your Wi-Fi signal barely reaches your office and the other half of your home. Frustrating, right? That’s exactly the situation our client found themselves in when they reached out to us for help.

At Auxilio IT, we thrive on solving Wi-Fi woes and providing seamless connectivity solutions that not only meet our clients’ needs but also enhance the aesthetics of their homes. This is the story of how we transformed our client’s Wi-Fi experience and delivered a solution that surpassed their expectations.

Understanding the Challenge

When our client approached us, we knew we had to see their home first hand to grasp the magnitude of the problem. During our initial discussion, we listened intently to their concerns and priorities. We discovered that they wanted a solution that wouldn’t compromise the look of their home. Armed with this knowledge, we scheduled a quick visit to assess the situation and ensure we recommended the perfect solution.

Planning and Quotation

Our client made it clear that they didn’t want any visible devices or wiring inside their home. Taking this into account, we devised a plan that would fulfil their requirements flawlessly. We proposed installing all the necessary equipment discreetly in their loft and wiring each Access Point back to a central switch for both data and power. By using this method, we could provide whole home Wi-Fi coverage, reduce visible wiring, and maintain the aesthetic integrity of their home. To optimize speed and simplify installation, we opted for a wired backhaul for each access point, using Power over Ethernet (PoE) to provide both power and data connectivity.

With our client’s needs in mind, we created a comprehensive quotation that met all their requirements. This proposal included three Access Points, one PoE Network Switch, and additional materials to ensure the concealment of external and internal wiring, as well as power distribution to the loft. We presented the proposal to our client, allowing them ample time to review and provide feedback.

Efficiency and Collaboration

We believe that collaboration and transparency are essential to a successful implementation. Once the equipment was delivered, we immediately began configuring it to minimize on-site time during our visit.

We provided our client with a convenient online calendar link, enabling them to select a date that worked best for them, streamlining the scheduling process and eliminating unnecessary back-and-forth communication. This user-friendly approach not only ensured an efficient installation process but also served as a helpful reminder for everyone involved.

Bringing it to life

With a well-defined plan in place, we arrived on-site to finalize the details with our client. After a brief walkthrough to confirm the feasibility of our proposed solution, we sprang into action.

To maintain a seamless look and minimize drilling and brackets, we employed a heating technique to bend plastic conduit around corners for the installation of external power and data conduits.

After carefully running power and data cables from the living room to the loft, we installed data cabling in each location where an Access Point would be placed. Terminating the wiring at all locations, we also fitted backboxes and faceplates in the living room for a clean and professional appearance.

We powered on everything and tested the signal and speed of each access point, we ensured that Wi-Fi coverage extended to every corner of the home, even reaching the far end of the garden and driveway. The new Wi-Fi network was not only more reliable but also slightly faster than the default router’s Wi-Fi. Though our client does not have speedy internet due to their location, they are able to get their full speed anywhere in their home.

Once we were satisfied with the installation, we handed control over to our client. We verified that everything was in perfect working order and disabled the default router’s Wi-Fi, allowing our client to reconnect their devices to the new network without any interference or speed issues. We left them with confidence, knowing they could now access their Wi-Fi anywhere in their home, enjoying seamless connectivity without compromising their home’s aesthetics.

Equipment Used

We opted for TP-Link Deco system, due to it’s impressive Wi-Fi coverage and speeds. It’s app is also users friendly, which makes it ideal for our home based clients.

  • TP-Link Deco X50-POE
  • TP-Link Desktop 1Gbit PoE Switch

What our customer said

Wow what a difference!!

With living in a large stretched out bungalow with an addition annex, the Wifi reception was poor to say the least. The router being at one end of the home, plus with the addition of mirrored warderobes in the WiFi’s path, there was no hope of getting connection in the annex situated at the other end of the bunglow. It was struggling to reach halfway even with a booster box.

So contacted Kyle from Auxilio IT who recommended a Linked system be installed in the loft.
And WOW what a difference! Full connection in the bungalow and even in the garden. I can even listen to spotify in the garden as I work.

Quality of work? Outstanding, wouldn’t even know Kyle was there or that he had been. There was no disruption to my day and I was able to continue working online till the change over. Kyle also helped set up all the devices and TV’s to the new system.

I would highly recommend Kyle & Auxilio IT for any installation and advice.

Mr W Baker


At Auxilio IT, we’re committed to delivering innovative Wi-Fi solutions that exceed expectations. In this customer story, we demonstrated our ability to transform poor Wi-Fi coverage into seamless connectivity, even in challenging home environments. If you’re struggling with Wi-Fi issues, trust us to craft a tailored solution that not only meets your requirements but also adds a touch of elegance to your home. Let us empower you with uninterrupted, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout your entire space. Contact us today for a consultation and take the first step toward a truly connected home or business.

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